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Dehydrator Kiln Drying
Small amounts of local species available
Saw milling charges are normally based on volume of lumber produced and
calculated in board feet. One board foot of lumber is equivalent to 1" x 12" x 12"
(144 cubic inches). The current rate is 45 per board foot. Small logs and special
cuts such as slabs, crotches and 1/2 round posts are done at an hourly rate. Use
the "Useful Data" link at the left to access tools that will help you calculate an
estimate of how much lumber you can expect to get from your logs. Keep in mind
this is a rough estimate and actual charges will be based on the amount of lumber
recovered. Please contact us for a quote on doing special cuts.

Sawing can be done at your location or my location. Click the link below for details
Got Logs? does not cut down trees or stage logs. Preparing the logs for
sawmilling is the responsibility of the customer.

The Wood-Mizer LT40 is equiped with a hydraulic loader for lifting the logs onto
the mill bed.
Logs must be staged prior to my arrival on location. Staging should
be in such a way so that the sawmill can be setup next to the logs.

Log capacity is a maximum diameter of 36" and lengths up to 20' long. Milled
lumber can be in widths no greater than 24". A typical site layout for milling at
your location can be seen at the following link. Please take some time to review
this diagram.
Got Logs? is a portable sawmill service that provides custom sawing of your
logs with a Wood-Mizer LT40 series thin kerf portable sawmill. I also offer the
ability to mill slabs up to 60" wide using a Lucas dedicated slabbing mill.
Got Logs? Portable Custom Sawmill Service and Kiln Drying- Serving Central Virginia