Sawing Details

I bring the mill to you.

You provide 1 to 3 people to help with handling logs, off-bear
and stack slabs and your lumber as it is milled.

Minimum of charge of $450 ( up to 1000 bdft of lumber). A charge
of 45 per board foot of recovered lumber applies to any amount
over the first 1000 board feet.

All on-site sawing is done on weekends.

You are responsible for disposal of slabs and sawdust.

Bring the logs to me and I call you when your lumber is ready for
pickup, or if schedule permits I mill your lumber while you wait.

There is no minimum charge. Charge is 45 per board foot of
recovered lumber.

Sawing at my location is done weekends and week-day evenings.

No mess for you to deal with. I dispose of the slabs and sawdust.

Sawing at My Location
Sawing at Your Location